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Select Child Layers Script For Photoshop

Selects all child elements inside a group. Doesn’t select anything if the active layer’s parent is the document. In that situation use Cmd+Alt+A on Mac and Ctrl+Alt+A on Windows. This could be added in the script, but for now it didn’t seem necessary. Tested in Photoshop CC.

Good to know…

All nested child elements will get selected. You can get rid of the nested layers by 2x clicking the arrow next to any of the selected groups holding down Cmd on Mac or Ctrl on Windows. When you collapse a group in Photoshop, all selected layers inside the group get unselected. Holding down the modifier key expands or collapses all selected groups. Just in case you have some groups that are collapsed and some that are not, you should always just click the arrow twice and you don’t have to think about it.

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