Joonas Pääkkö

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Check Master Page Numbers Script For Indesign

Outputs a neat list of all the pages in the document along with the masters they belong to.

Select Parent Group Script For Photoshop

Not much to say about it. The script selects the parent group of the currently selected layer. I tend to select layers in the document with Cmd + Alt + Right click and then quite often I use this script can easily give me its parent. The alternative to this workflow could be to use Move tool and right click the document and choose parent folder from the list.

Select Sibling Layers Script For Photoshop

Selects all child layers inside the selected group. Tested in Photoshop CC.

Select Child Layers Script For Photoshop

Selects all child elements inside a group. Doesn’t select anything if the active layer’s parent is the document. In that situation use Cmd+Alt+A on Mac and Ctrl+Alt+A on Windows. This could be added in the script, but for now it didn’t seem necessary. Tested in Photoshop CC.

Move Layers Script For Photoshop

I made this script after finally getting sick of accidentally dropping layers in the wrongest of places when dragging them to a new spot in the Layers panel. This can be especially irritating when you are working with documents that have tons of layers or anytime really when you have to scroll the layers panel to move layers.